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Master your finances, gain more freedom, generate more profit without having to become an accountant or compromise your values.

Discover how to manage the financial side of your business so you understand on any given day how much you are actually making, how to make more profit, and how to make sure you also pay yourself. 

Did you go into business so you could spend all your time accounting and administration?

Instead... join us and discover how to create a business that does more than just pay the bills and doesn’t demand all of your free time to do it!

You became a business owner because you had something to share with the world - let’s make sure you build your business so you can share your vision!


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When most people decide to go into business for themselves they have a desire to share something with the world, they know they want more freedom and they know they can make more money and more impact by doing it themselves.

The thing is…  often once they start they realize they are missing some important pieces that cause them to stumble.

They are missing a deep understanding of the business side of running their business! 

So they work harder and harder 

Have you ever heard anyone say when you run your own business you need to "work until your eyes bleed”?

Maybe you have been led to believe if you just work longer and harder there will be some magical point in the future you'll reach that place where you are achieving your vision, you have the freedom you want and you even have profits to go with it!

But what if putting in more and more hours and working more didn’t actually help? What if even with all that work you just fell further and further behind and got more and more tired? What if the thing that you needed to unlock the potential of your business was the thing that you were avoiding doing?

Upwards of 30% of small businesses fail in their first year. And even more - 58% fail in the first five years.

Did these people not have a big enough dream?

Did these people not work hard enough?

I doubt it!

Imagine if your business operated in exactly the same way that you envisioned it?

Right now there are small business owners who are doing what they love by helping more people, they have the freedom they dreamed of, they have the success they want and they are NOT living month to month wondering if they will be able to pay the bills and keep the doors open.

Right now there are small business owners who know the power behind mastering their understanding of their financial information and using that to make better decisions in not only their business but also in their personal life.

Leaving it all to chance leaves you struggling, unhappy and potentially broke!

Every small business owner needs a variety of skills in their toolbox to keep things humming along and while you do NOT need to be an accountant you DO need to understand and be in control of your financial information. Think of it as a superpower showing you exactly how your business is doing and where you can make it better so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love to do.

Take your small business dreams and grow them as big as you can imagine.

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Your step by step guide on how to set up and understand the financial side of your business and then use this information to make powerful choices and decisions.

This is not your parent’s bookkeeping course!

This 8 week course will give you practical, hands-on information on how to structure your business and financial information to help you go from...

👎  Over worked entrepreneur feeling lost and alone to ...

👍  A confident business owner who is helping more people with their amazing offerings

You will be able to:

  • help more people find and experience your fabulous business and energy
  • get clarity on how to set up your reporting to give you the information you need
  • discover the secret to never being short for payments again
  • know what to expect from your business now AND in the future
  • boost your confidence dealing with banks, accountants, even the tax man since you’ll be able to speak their language
  • start realizing the value of what you offer and start charging what you are worth
  • join a community of like-minded business owners who will support you as you learn
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Build your financial reporting muscle with this simple system and you’ll have the power to:

  • Anticipate and react to any changes in the economy
  • Finally stop struggling and worrying about enough money to pay the bills
  • Have a business that gives back to you and your community instead of you spending all your time, energy and money to keep it afloat
  • Take time off with your new found freedom confident in knowing your business can carry on when you are away recharging your batteries
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What to Expect

Upgrade your knowledge

Find new confidence when reviewing your financial information.

Structure your information for ease in understanding

Discover reporting and information that provides you the power to make better decisions.

Boost your profit and your freedom

Better decisions and better information lead to more income earning potential and that leads to more freedom.

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You will be amazed what powerful information is already available to's just that no one has told you how to use it!

When I entered the health and fitness profession from the corporate world I was surprised how many amazing practitioners were struggling at trying to earn a living without a clear understanding their businesses. I was often asked for advice or assistance… and so my coaching practice was born!

I am super excited to help and empower you so you can be as successful and create the business you dream of.


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Join a community of small business owners working separately but together in increasing their financial muscle and creating more good in the world.

When you sign up you will receive all the training, resources and support you need...

Step by Step Online Training

Live weekly online training for 8 weeks taking you through the basics that you need to understand and use power of the financial side of your business.

We will meet live online in an exclusive member's only Zoom meeting every Monday starting on Feb 15 at 1pm ET

Value $1,997

Support Along the Way

Weekly live coaching sessions during the 8 weeks of your course, material review, questions and a community of business owners who are all working to the same goals.

Weekly live coaching will take place in a member's only Zoom meeting every Wednesday at 1:30pm ET

Value $397

Templates, Tools, and Most of All - Confidence

Step by step guides to help you set up your financial side as well as give you your crystal ball to project the future. Easy reference checklists and cheatsheets to refer to when you need to

Value $197

That's a total value of over $2,500

Because this is the first time this program has hit the internet and because I want as many people as possible to find success in their businesses I am launching this new program at a special rate.

I am inviting new members to join the Founders Circle so you can be the first to experience this amazing new freedom in your business.

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You survived 2020 - Why not Thrive in 2021

No one loves accounting and you don't have to become an accountant or spend all your time staring at numbers.

This course will teach you what you are looking at, how to set it up so that your information can be at your fingertips and how to use it to make the business you love even better.

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Accountants are expensive

Don't get me wrong - Accountants are great and you likely do need one (I used to be one myself) BUT here's the thing - if you hand them a pile of slips and statements to sort out they will spend all their time (and your money) sorting it out.

The more you know in advance, the more organized you can be, the more on top of your own information you are, the better they will be able to help you AND the less expensive it will be to get their expert assistance!

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We want you to join us!

As small business owners sometimes we feel like we're in it alone and it can be frustrating! The Money Confidence Collective was designed not just to help you understand your profits but also to provide the support of like minded entrepreneurs.

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